SplitSpot is now in New York City and Washington D.C.!

We’re thrilled to announce that SplitSpot has launched in New York City and Washington, D.C.! 🎊

Since launching in Boston in 2019, we’ve helped thousands of renters in Boston lease private rooms without the hassle of multiple realtors, broker’s fees, security deposits, and hours wasted searching multiple listing sites. Now, we’re bringing the power of our platform to New Yorkers and DC residents.

Helping Renters Find Roommates in NYC and DC

In the traditional rental market, consumers face a process that lacks trust, simplicity, and flexibility. Whether it be a landlord who’s not following regulations, or roommates who’re mishandling utility bills, subletting a room the traditional way is full of barriers and mistrust every step of the way.

With SplitSpot, renters can easily schedule as many virtual tours as they’d like in seconds. Once someone is ready to sign, we conduct a roommate vetting process that ensures everyone feels comfortable in their new home. SplitSpot helps renters find roommates, split rent, or individually managing utilities or maintenance requests as a tenant.

“We’re excited to bring our modern take on apartment living to both New York and D.C.,” said Ernesto Gaxha, co-founder, SplitSpot. “We’ve proven that our approach to apartment rentals is the future of urban housing, with features that renters love like flexible lease cycles, roommate vetting, low upfront costs, and the ability to easily transfer to other units on the platform.”

Enabling Landlords in NYC and DC to Find Tenants Faster and Easier

For landlords, marketing properties and finding acceptable tenants can take significant time and resources. Once apartments are filled, they have to manage individual renters and handle things like maintenance requests. If a tenant leaves, the landlord has to start the entire process over. SplitSpot helps landlords ensure a high occupancy rate, utilizing our marketing expertise and market analysis to position each apartment appropriately and find tenants quickly. On average, it takes just 2.6 weeks to fill a room once listed with us.

“Property owners and managers in New York and D.C. will find deep value in our tools for marketing their apartments, streamlining the onboarding process, and managing their tenants,” said David Mazza, co-founder, SplitSpot. “With our team’s market insights and experience, we handle the often burdensome work of tenant placement and management, and let property owners get back to doing the work they care most about.”

We can’t wait to help modernize apartment rentals in NYC and DC. Browse our rooms today or learn more about listing your rental property on SplitSpot.