Frequently Asked Questions

Living on Your own Timeline

General Questions

Why rent a room with us?

We offer easy, 3-month minimum, flexible leases with no broker fee and a minimal security deposit. We thoroughly vet each potential tenant and make sure that you are living with trustworthy, respectful roommates.

Is there a broker fee? How about an application fee?

Nope! We do not charge a broker fee or an application fee for any of our properties.

Is there a security deposit?

Yes. $400, payable upon move in.

Where do you operate?

We currently have listings throughout the Greater Boston Area, Washington D.C., New York City, Seattle and Philadelphia! SplitSpot is consistently adding more apartments in our current markets, while growing to more cities in the near future.

Is this a room for rent or an entire apartment?

All of our listings are individual rooms for rent within an apartment. Therefore they are all shared living spaces. However, you’re more than welcome to rent several rooms together as a group.

Is the move in date flexible?

Sometimes. For the most part move-in dates are not flexible, but there are some exceptions that may be noted in ad descriptions and listings. Consult our current listings for the most up to date information.

Are the apartments furnished?

Some apartments are furnished, but most are not. Make sure to filter by “Furnished” on our rooms page to view them all in one place!

Will I be notified if other people are viewing my room?

We will always give at least 24-hour notice if prospective tenants are coming to view the apartment. We always schedule our showings far in advance and give the tenants as much notice as we can. All of our tours are done with 3D virtual tours, so it is rare a member of the SplitSpot Team will need to visit!

Getting Started

Application & Move-In Process

What is the application process like?

First, fill out the renters application form at the top of this page. Then, RSVP to one of our showings if you are able to attend, otherwise have a look at the photos and videos on our website. Next, we will provide a credit check, background check, and an identity verification. Finally, we will let you know if you are approved and then you can meet your new roommates and move into your new home!

What if I do not have a credit score or don't have great credit?

If you do not have a credit score, or a a lower score, we will require either a cosigner/guarantor or the submittal of first and last month’s rent upon signing the lease. Cosigners also need to have good credit scores to be valid.

Do you accept pets?

Some of our units do, yes! It depends on the apartment and if the roommates approve. If so, there is an extra monthly fee that ranges between $50 and $100.

Do you accept joint applications or couples for the same room?

We do accept joint applications and couples for some of our listings; however, there is an applicable surcharge in the range of $200-$400 depending on the property. 

This fee goes directly to your roommates to subsidize their rent!

Do you accept students that are unemployed?

Yes we do! We may ask for a cosigner or guarantor to sign the lease.



Do you accept international students?

Yes, we do! As long as you are authorized to live in the United States, we are happy to accept international applicants. 



What steps are you taking to protect my personal information?

Any personal information you provide throughout the application process is securely maintained in the privacy systems of the programs that we use.

For example, the SSN number provided to Transunion will be held in Transunion’s robust privacy system and SplitSpot never holds any of your SSN information.