What You Need to Know Before Moving to Cambridge, MA

Proximity to the City

Cambridge is about as close as you can get to Boston without being in Boston! Many young professionals, families, and students have settled down in Cambridge creating a unique sense of community. With its close proximity to the city, Cambridge offers easy access to the Commuter Rail line as well as the Green Line and the Red Line. Cambridge is also lined with bus stops ensuring residents and visitors can get to where they need to get in a short amount of time.

While there are numerous public transportation options available, don’t be surprised to see bike paths and trails as Cambridge is considered one of the most bike-friendly cities in the United States. Many of these paths offer beautiful views of the Charles River. Residents and visitors are able to get where they need to go fairly easily just by biking and even walking to different parts of the city.

Another important fact to point out is that Cambridge is considered to be a very safe city. With SplitSpot’s affordable rooms and dedication to safety, what more could you ask for? The average rent for an apartment in Cambridge is roughly $3,000. When available, SplitSpot offers rooms that range from $800 up to $1,490 with low upfront costs.

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Plenty of Activities to Keep You Busy

Many of Cambridge’s apartments are found in high-rise buildings. However, there are many opportunities to rent apartments with big backyards and more privacy.

Cambridge has been rightfully nicknamed the City of Squares as it is home to Kendall Square, Harvard Square, Central Square, Porter Square, Inman Square, and Lechmere Square. Each square offers unique activities that are sure to meet all your interests.

Harvard Square is one of the most well-known and historic areas of Cambridge. It is home to Harvard University, one of the leading institutions in higher education. The square is filled with bookstores and coffee shops. A must visit is the Harvard Museum of Natural History.

For those history buffs out there, Cambridge is also home to Longfellow House - Washington’s Headquarters