What You Need to Know Before Moving to Somerville, MA

Somerville’s Proximity to the City

There is no denying Somerville’s close proximity to Boston. With only a few miles between the two cities, Somerville provides easy access to transportation such as the Orange Line or Red Line which take passengers right into Downtown Boston. Despite rush hour traffic making things a bit busy at peak times, these trains will come every few minutes. If you’re not up to take the train into the city, major roads such as Mass Ave. will lead you right into Boston.

Somerville provides the perfect location for those looking for city life with suburban living. Whether you are looking for an easy commute into work or are enrolled in classes at Tufts University, Somerville is the place to be as it has become one of the most popular neighborhoods for young adults. While an average apartment in Somerville is close to $3,000, SplitSpot offers affordable rooms as low as $895 and up to $1,490 when available.

If you are commuting downtown to North Station, living near the Orange Line will be your best bet — which also means easy access to Assembly Row. If you are commuting farther south or to South Station, then we recommend being within close proximity to the Red Line — Davis Square or Porter Square would be your best bets.

Somerville Has Plenty of Activities to Keep You Busy

Whether you are looking for something to do on the weekend or just want to explore all the city has to offer, Somerville is filled with activities that are guaranteed to keep you busy. Somerville is broken up into different neighborhoods that each provide unique opportunities to spend your day. These neighborhoods include Davis Square, Union Square, Porter Square, Assembly Row, and Alewife.

One of the best things Somerville has to offer is the Somerville Theater located in Davis Square. At the Somerville Theater, visitors can experience quality entertainment on the screen or even on stage. The theater has also been home to the Independent Film Festival of Boston in recent years.

If you are looking for something that is a little more active, look no further than the Minuteman Bikeway. The Minuteman Bikeway allows riders to pass through the area where the American Revolution began. The rail-trail serves as a form of recreation as you will find bikers, walkers, and even skaters along the path. While the trail can be used for recreation, it also serves as another mode of transportation that connects riders to Alewife Station.

For all you music lovers, PorchFest music festival is always a highlight of every year. During the festival, local bands play on porches across Somerville. What is better than listening to great music, chatting with your neighbors, and exploring Somerville?!

Somerville’s Best Restaurants, Bars, and Entertainment Venues

You definitely cannot forget to talk about the food when it comes to Somerville. Somerville is home to some of the best restaurants in the area. At Sarma, you can find delish Mediterranean food. If you are craving BBQ, Redbones Barbecue is the place to go. Just in need of a great cup of coffee? Be sure to check out 3 Little Figs, Diesel Cafe, or newcomer Glasser Coffee.

Somerville is known for having great nightlife. Assembly Row has everything you could ever ask for in one place. Whether you are looking to shop, dine, bowl, paint, or watch a movie, Assembly Row has it all. If you are looking for more of an upscale dining experience, head to Earl’s Kitchen + Bar. If you have a sweet tooth that needs some attention, look no further than Mike’s Pastry. Mike’s Pastry is an iconic bakery that has its origin in Boston’s North End. This location provides the perfect opportunity to experience Mike’s Pastry without the hassle of going into the city. For those looking for some entertainment, Assembly Row is home to Muse Paintbar. Muse Paintbar is the perfect place for a night out and you can show off your creative side.

Somerville has much more to explore and see. Check out some of our featured Somerville units below to experience all Somerville has to offer!