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find a room


It’s easy to find the perfect room! We list our rooms on all the popular rental sites and right here too. See a room you like? Schedule a viewing or request videos of our spaces, or contact us for more information. We offer viewings throughout the week to fit your schedule.

find the right spot in less than a week

find a match


After you've fallen in love with your room, we present you with potential roommate matches. You can rest assured that each roommate has been thoroughly vetted by our team and we pride ourselves on creating a comfortable living space for all residents. We facilitate meetings between potential roommate matches, and after the meeting, everyone lets us know if it's a fit.


move in!

Finally, move in! After you have found the perfect room and the perfect roommates, the last step of the process is to move in to your new home. 

it's that easy

Once you give the thumbs-up on your roommate matches, the room is yours for as long as you’d like - we only ask for 3 months notice if you'd like to leave. Unlike other arrangements, you're not responsible for your roommate's share of the rent. All you ever pay is monthly rent, we don’t charge any fees.

our apartments

We have spaces that suit every need, from crash pads that won't break the bank, to luxury suites with personal bathrooms. Our apartments include available amenities so you can tailor your space.