get hassle-free rent

SplitSpot takes on the work of filling your struggling units with renters looking for flexible, long term housing. We find quality sub-tenants by focusing on private room rental marketing to fill your unit's vacancies in ways that were not previously possible. Read on for how it works:

initial meeting


We meet with you to discuss your unit, your plans for the unit, and how much you'd like to get in rental income. We assess your unit, taking pictures if necessary.

pricing structure proposal


Using comparable rentals in the area and rental aggregates, we propose a fair market rate for your unit that would allow us to fill your vacancies fast. On average, we fill the first room in your unit within only a few weeks, with many units filling up entirely within the month on our website. Yes, even with COVID-19's heavy effect on the market. If you've already listed your unit at a certain rate, we often come to the same number as fair market. 

lease signing


Once we've agreed on what is fair market rent for your unit, we'll propose a reasonable revenue share model and sign a lease. With COVID-19 heavily affecting the market, we'll work with you to keep tabs on rental prices in your unit's neighborhood, ensuring your pricing is always reasonable, yet enticing to tenants.

Marketing pic.png

marketing & management


From here, it's smooth sailing! We streamline any maintenance requests if/when they come up directly to your team as needed. By gathering marketing materials as soon as possible, we immediately begin pushing your unit on our website and across a multitude of marketplaces, covering the costs of paid advertisements. Our technology allows us to funnel leads into quickly converting to signed tenants, processing immediate move-ins within 2-3 days of signing.

SplitSpot makes renting easier than ever, allowing for tenants to pay minimal up-front cost, meet their roommates before moving in, and rent month-to-month with a 4 month minimum lease length. We believe our model is the future of renting in cities. With hundreds of rooms under our belt in the Boston Area alone, we're eager to grow with new units added to our platform every month of the year.