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With several hundred  in the Boston area, we make it easy to find the perfect spot for you. We have rooms to fit every preference from cost and location to size and amenities. Living as a couple? We’ve got you covered. Own a pet? Over 50% of our rooms allow dogs and cats. Looking to live near your school? We have rooms near every major university in the Boston area. No matter what you are looking for, you can find the right place with SplitSpot.

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Think you’ve found the perfect spot? RSVP for a showing to see your future apartment in person. Not interested in a showing or want to learn more first? Submit an interest form to connect with someone from the SplitSpot team who will show you all the details. Once you’re sure it’s the right fit, you can get started with our free application.

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Who you live with can be just as important as where you live. We make renting easy by presenting roommate matches to you. You can rest easy knowing that everyone in your apartment has been thoroughly vetted by our team. We facilitate meetings between potential roommates and you let us know if the fit feels right.

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Once you give the thumbs-up on your roommate matches, the room is yours for as long as you’d like - we only ask for four months notice if you'd like to leave. Unlike other arrangements, you're not responsible for your roommate's share of the rent.

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Finally, it’s time to move in! SplitSpot charges no brokerage fees and only asks for the first month’s rent up front, making the rental process as affordable as it is easy. And don’t worry, our team will always be there for you once you’re settled!

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We have spots to fit every need! Whether you're ballin' on a budget or looking for a luxurious suite in the perfect neighborhood, we are here for you! We have rooms all around Boston and the surrounding area including Cambridge, Somerville, Brighton, Dorchester, and Brookline! Check out all of our options to find the perfect spot for you!