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Made for Renters
by Renters

SplitSpot gives renters back the power,
offering comfortable shared homes,
flexible leases, and much more


Take Control of Your Lease.

Rent is the largest expense millennials pay each year. Yet up until now, renters have been stuck agreeing to 12 month leases with high upfront costs, skeevy landlords, and unknown roommates.

We're here to change that!

SplitSpot offers 4 month minimum leases, no realtor fees, and extensive background checks. We've created a platform where renters can choose where to live and when to move out, all while having the ability to meet pre-vetted roommates before signing a lease.


Sign a Flexible


Low Upfront


Vet Your


SplitSpot Unit

RSVP for a Virtual Tour

Browse our available rooms and RSVP for a tour during an available time slot. ◌ ​Showing guides are able to answer any questions you have! ◌ Sign up for as many tours as you’d like!

Fill out an Application

Our quick 5 min. application allows us to approve you for a background check. ◌ For the safety of our tenants, all applicants must pass our in-depth background check. ◌ We do not discriminate against any race, age, or sexual orientation.

Roommate Introduction

◌ We connect you to your potential roommates and prompt you to set up a call or FaceTime. ◌ Residents have the option to reject, and you have the option to decline before you sign a lease! ◌ You can request to see the apartment and meet your roommates in person after you complete a virtual tour!

Credit & Background Check

◌ We use a soft-pull credit check that does NOT affect your credit. ◌ For the safety of our tenants, all applicants must pass our in-depth background check. ◌ In most scenarios, we only require first month's rent up front (as well as a $400 security deposit). Some applicants with poor credit will be asked to pay last month's rent as well, or provide a co-signer/guarantor.

Sign a Lease!

◌ We value transparency, striving to be clear and concise in our leases. ◌ We have rolling flexible leases. 4 month minimum leases subject to a 4 month minimum notice. ◌ If you have to move out early (before the 4 month notice is up), we work with you to market your room as fast as possible.


Need help finding a spot?

Text us at 617-207-8563! We're happy to help!

We're more than happy to talk you through the pros and cons of each neighborhood, and what's best for your budget. Even if you're not sure you're interested, we'll do our best to help you decide where to live!

We're here help you find the apartment that's best for you.