34 Cherokee Street, Unit 3

Boston, MA 02120




Room Pricing: $890, $990, $990, $990, $1050


Features of Apartment:

  • Nicely done floor plan holding 5 Beds and 1 Bath

  • Very Large Living Room!

  • Modern appliances and a well-crafted kitchen

  • Recessed lighting throughout the apartment

  • Nicely done hard wood floors

  • Great deck for outside activities overlooking the neighborhood

  • Large windows with a great common room



  • Short five-minute walk to the Orange Line’s Roxbury Crossing Station

  • 10-15-minute walk to Northeastern University/Harvard Medical School

  • 10-15-minute drive to Boston University

  • About 1.5 miles from downtown Boston



  • Available Jan 1

  • We only require first month’s rent

  • Short, free application

  • Lease is month to month, subject to 3 months’ notice if you want to move out



  • This is a no smoking apartment

  • Pets not allowed


Available January 1st: NO FEE, flexible lease, bedrooms are available in a spacious five-bedroom apartment in Boston’s Mission Hill neighborhood.  Just a five-minute walk to the Orange Line’s Roxbury Crossing station, a 10-15-minute walk to Northeastern University, and about 1.5 miles from downtown Boston.  Near Stop & Shop, Walgreens, and several other shops, restaurants, and bars.


The unit has five bedrooms with a very large living room, a nicely finished kitchen, and a great outdoor deck that looks over the neighborhood.  Fantastic clean hard wood floors and each room has great recessed lighting with large windows.  There are modern appliances and heating throughout the unit. 


There are 5 available bedrooms and 1 bathroom – each room is priced differently due to size from smallest to largest: $890, $990, $990, $990, $1050


We personally screen and vet all roommates, and also make introductory meetings before being placed, so you always know who you’re living with, to make sure it’s a good fit. We’re happy to take joint applications for 1-3 of the rooms, so tell your friends to apply too!


We only require first month’s rent. There is a short, free application as well. We are month to month, subject to 3 months’ notice if you want to move out.