18 Ellery St, Unit 2,

Cambridge, MA 02138




Features of Apartment

  • 4 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment 

  • Lots of space, large rooms  

  • butcher block countertops, new bath 

  • Free laundry on-site


  • Right next to Harvard's main Campus

  • A short walk to Harvard Square 

  • Walking distance to numerous shops, restaurants, grocery stores, and all the vibrancy of Harvard Square  



  • Available Now!

  • Three bedrooms available for $1150 each, largest room for $1250

  • We only require first month’s rent (with adequate credit) 

  • No broker's fee

  • Short, free application

  • Lease is month to month, subject to 3 month’s notice if you want to move out



  • No smoking

  • Pets allowed at an additional fee 


We personally screen and vet all roommates, and also make introductory meetings before being placed, so you always know who you’re living with. We're happy to take joint applications.