110 Hamilton Street 

Dorchester, MA 02125




Features of Apartment

  • Huge 4 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment in Dorchester

  • Tall ceilings

  • Gigantic bedrooms

  • Large living room

  • Lots of space

  • Beautiful hardwood floors

  • Huge windows

  • Available off street parking


  • 15 min walk from Fields Corner T station

  • Walking distance to restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, shops, and parks


  • Available NOW

  • Bedrooms are priced at $650, $700, $750, and $775

  • We only require first month’s rent

  • No broker's fee

  • Short, free application

  • Lease is month to month, subject to 3 month’s notice if you want to move out

We personally screen and vet all roommates, and also make introductory meetings before being placed, so you always know who you’re living with. We're happy to take joint applications.